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Human trafficking culture and mental health

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

We can stop human trafficking through cultural transformation. We can stop human trafficking through every sector of society coming together for education and collaboration.

Trafficker tactics have permeated our culture. That causes all sorts of problems, with trafficking often being the most extreme and typically hidden manifestation, while mass casualty incidents, bullying, workplace violence, and escalating suicide rates are some more visible symptoms.

Traffickers control. They’re about themselves. They manipulate and take advantage of others to get what they want. They motivate using fear. They begin by twisting the truth just a little bit. That’s how this story started. (You can find the case presentation on the Ohio Channel, beginning around minute 40. All of that takes a huge mental toll on victims.

Trafficking rarely starts with violence. It rarely starts with an abduction off the street. It starts gradually. It starts imperceptibly and degrades over time. Most people being trafficked don’t realize they are being trafficked at all.

It’s harder to recognize trafficker tactics when they’re on a spectrum of accepted behavior. Inadvertent acceptance of trafficker tactics in workplaces, homes, and even in agencies and places addressing the problem creates vulnerability to traffickers. It’s like the grooming has already begun.

The toll of these tactics used to any degree causes a huge hit to mental health. It creates a cycle. A toxic work culture rolls down to others, even outside the workplace. When people absorb poison, it seeps out in other places. It affects the community surrounding the recipient of the behavior. It impacts family life and creates vulnerabilities for household members. And it becomes normalized and accepted to repeat, carried from place to place.

Be part of the collaboration of people everywhere from every sector, working to eliminate trafficker tactics from every area of our culture, to ensure there is No More Trafficking. No More Trafficking believes people are already at work doing what needs to be done to eliminate human trafficking. We just need to bring resources and voices together.

We can stop human trafficking. And we can stop precursors and indicators like bullying, workplace violence, child abuse, and domestic violence, by turning the tide of behavior in our culture.

We stop them by going to the root, sharing information, education, and strategies, and inoculating ourselves, our homes, and institutions in every sector against trafficker tactics. No More Trafficking is comprised of volunteers with experience in every arena working behind the scenes to build a platform, a strong foundation, to bring resources and voices together.

Through connection and collaboration, we can stop human trafficking and every form of human exploitation.


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