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Our Story

No More Trafficking is a tax-exempt 501c3, non-profit organization. We were incorporated in Canton, Ohio in 2012 by former Department of Labor Program Analyst Cortney Morgan.


A series of eye surgeries kept Cortney from launching No More Trafficking according to her originally intended timeline. While, as a result No More Trafficking sat visibly dormant, its leaders grew strong roots and received priceless education in our founding community and beyond. Cortney volunteered and served behind the scenes with area non-profits, mentoring trafficked and at-risk juveniles, walking alongside parents, serving as an integral part of Promise Court, writing the placement agreement for a juvenile safe house, serving as a court-appointed attorney guardian ad litem, serving as a court magistrate, delivering free trainings and quietly donating proceeds from her law practice to support the places where she volunteered. Deep roots.


On August 12, 2021, Suzanne Lewis-Johnson learned about No More Trafficking, when Cortney placed a green folder, containing the founding documents, in front of her. “See what you can do with this,” Cortney said. “You can be the CEO.”  


As Suzanne leafed through the contents, she found that not only was all of the paperwork to form the non-profit complete but that Suzanne’s own name appeared in notes and minutes from years ago when Suzanne served as an FBI Agent and founding member of Stark County Ohio’s Juvenile Human Trafficking Task Force and the annual Frontline to Freedom Conference. Deep roots.  

During that time Suzanne led human trafficking and child exploitation investigations that made local and national headlines, was recognized by two FBI Directors, became a sought after speaker and trainer and collaborated with local law enforcement, federal law enforcement, social services, non-profits and volunteers in ten Ohio Counties as part of investigative teams and pioneering collaborative community efforts. 

In 2018 Suzanne resigned from the FBI to be a voice for the need in her community and across the country. She believed she could do more to uphold the oath she had sworn to protect freedom by leaving the job and colleagues she loved than she could by remaining where she was. Law enforcement is a critical piece to the solution to ending human trafficking, but we will only bring full freedom through complete cultural transformation that results from every sector working together. We cannot bring freedom by working in isolation.


Suzanne's three post-FBI years leading and growing a local non-profit in Ohio that provided direct services to human trafficking survivors and those at high risk in areas including shelter, case management, drop in, outreach, jail ministry, mentoring, and more provided priceless education and a peek behind the scenes at the barriers encountered by selfless servants pouring themselves out to bring freedom to their neighbors.  


No More Trafficking's vision to replicate existing direct-service programming to trafficking survivors and to build a national network to combat traffickers’ networks is grown from these roots. And it is grown from Suzanne's earlier experience growing cutting edge programming during her years with Habitat for Humanity International, beginning with the launch of the Women Build Program’s inaugural event, First Ladies Build, in 1999.  

We believe it's time to bring these experiences, and our collective community experiences, together to Stop Trafficking Now.

Our Vision

Connection, collaboration, a conduit for resources, and, when needed, a clean slate.


End all forms of human trafficking and exploitation—by empowering every sector of society to eliminate vulnerabilities to trafficking and deliver effective solutions.


Our priorities:


  1. Empower successful programs to replicate.

  2. Help those who are struggling to get healthy.

  3. Provide resources and connection to launch pioneers on a solid foundation. 

  4. Provide training and opportunity to mobilize every sector of society.

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